Sunday, October 2, 2011

God is a good Daddy!
He loves us so much that He gave His only Son for us.
Jesus is His' love for us and Jesus is love.
Every day we just have to set our focus on Jesus.
We all have problems and yes I mean problemS, lots and lots of problems but you know what, we only have one Jesus. Is it easier to focus on one thing or on a lot of things and in the end, nothing is done. Jesus loves you and He made things so easy for us that we just have to focus on Him and He will take care of the rest of our problems.

Every time as we focus on Him, we see His great love for us. You may question so what if Jesus loves me? Nothing is solved! No Beloved, don't you see your identity and your worth? Jesus, who is the best in the whole universe is given up for you, that is your worth and right now, you are not just people of God, You are the Son and Daughter of Daddy God! Even earthly father wants the best for their children so how much more your Daddy God! And 2000 years ago, Jesus came and made a beautiful exchange at the cross. He gave up all things so that now, you who have nothing in the first place can enjoy all His' blessings for you! That is why we can now proclaimed boldly that "because Jesus loves me I'm ... ... , Amen!" (Fill in the blanks yourself)

Let Jesus love you all over again for He knows - all the things that you have committed, or committing or will ever commit - yet He came all because He loves 'Me',______(your name)

Jesus loves you. =D

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