Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to myself!
Wednesday, my family celebrate with me.
Thursday, my friends celebrate with me.
Friday, my cg mates celebrate with me.
Saturday, my relatives celebrate with me.
My 19th birthday is the best. No one year that I have so many people celebrating my birthday with me.
These are the presents I received:
Piggy bank with money in it.
Red Packets.
Slimming handbook.
Birthday cakes.
Birthday cards.
lol, not stating who gave me what but i am truly touch by all the gifts, thanks guys!

Also, I want to thank those who have Blessed and Wish me a Great Birthday through sms, facebook or cards. I really take it in my heart and I wrote it all down! Your blessing is for me and I will remember and believe it! Amen! All shall come to pass!

Really thank Jesus for a wonderful Birthday!

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