Thursday, January 7, 2010

yoo, I am very excited about tomorrow cg and also sat meeting and worship!
well, without GOD'S grace i think all things won't turn out well so let's pray and trust.
Especially this saturday worship session, it will be a special one. Everyone who is coming will be bringing their own instrument or their 'vocal'. haha, looking forward to it. However, there is something i am concern of as there are too many people and different instruments, I am afraid that the worship won't turn out well. So let's pray together that GOD will be with us and guiding us. Praise JESUS!
Today listen to Pastor Prince wisdom series 3rd dvd disc and one part of it really caught my attention. As a young christian, I always wanted to hear GOD'S voice. I want to be like noah or moses where i can hear GOD'S voice directly. But if you notice all this happen before JESUS came. So now when JESUS had came, GOD is now living in US, that is why we can't hear GOD'S voice from the outside but from our inner conscious. HOLY SPIRIT and our spirit is now as one and that is why sometime we felt that someone is speaking or guiding us. THAT IS GOD SPEAKING TO YOU! cool right. I finally understand! Hope you got enlighten too or maybe just me.=P
Okay quite late le, have a blessed night=D

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