Friday, January 29, 2010


For the past few weeks I have been doing work out and about 2 weeks ago, I injured my back because of a wrong landing position when I am training for my standing broad jump. However, the pain just felt like muscle pain so I pay no attention to it.
On 25 of Jan 2010, I really injured my back, standing broad jump again and this time is pretty serious. I even felt the pain when I walk. So I took the Holy Communion and apply anointing oil on my back. The next day, the pain is no longer there when i walk, but it is still painful when I try to sit or stand. On the third day, 27 jan, when I am in school, I felt worst. I am having running nose. At that time, I am super angry for what is happening, so I started praying in tongue for about 5 mins. After the 5 mins, the running nose left me, the pain on my back left me! Praise God! Praise Jesus. Truly Jesus bore all our pain to make us well. Thanks Jesus.

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