Monday, January 4, 2010

this post is the continuation of the previous post.
this is something that i have learn from the movie fireproof.
if you have watch the movie (which i think you should) you will have noticed that everyday the guy read the book that his dad wrote for him. he follow it closely and he learn from it. if we can just read up the daily devotional and follow it closely everyday, i think our lives can really get change too. at first it may seem hard but as we continue the journey with the LORD we will found out that our faith has increase. we are no longer so hot temper, facing temptation and not knowing what to do and our love for others have change. we are now shining GOD'S glory, spreading GOD'S love. and in the end, all our love ones will be save, all our troubles will come tumbling down and the victory is ours. yup so every morning just open up the daily devotional, read it and meditate on it. grab it close to your heart and as you continue with your day, keep reminding yourself of what you have read. at the end of the day you will be amazed by what has happen in your life. dont believe? you dare to give it a try? you dare to give GOD a chance to change you? i tell you, you will never regret! Jesus loves you!
here's the link for daily devotional from NewCreation Church. this can be a good start for you and GOD journey!


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